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Wow!!! 16.300 hits on Motifator forum thread and counting… it’s still unbelievable for me. Thank you for your supportive emails from five continents. I read every single message I received from you and I hope this Motif config file will answer your kind, encouraging words!

The archive file you are about to download contains an alternative configuration for your Yamaha Motif XS/XF/MOXF synthesizer. Inside the archive you’ll find three files: the .XOA is for Motif XS and XF users while the .X3A one is for XF and MOXF users (thank you 5pinDIN from Motifator forum for yout help with converting it!) The third file is the .nfo file, which contains the Performance list.

I wasn’t happy with the fact that the stock Motif performances doesn’t split properly the 4 part layers, so I did it by myself: to the left I kept the drums, bass and some keys/pads/arps, while separately to the right I set a solo instrument.

Also, there were lots of performances that I could never use because… I didn’t like the way they sound like. This is why I customized these performances according to my own taste.

For your convenience the full list of 80 customized “EM” performances has been made available bellow.

Version 1.6 brings 51 new/modified/eq-ed performances:



006 Rock Urban Shuffle EM ***review***

007 Rock Let the MusicPlay EM

008 World Andy Lucia EM ***review***

012 R&B 2xDip the Funk EM ***new***

013 Rock Dark Continent EM

014 Elect Electro Club EM ***review***

020 Elect Daft Punk’EM

024 World Sail away EM ***new/in progress***

030 Elect Big Beater EM

033 Rock Synth Power EM

036 Rock Dancing Bars EM

042 Jazz Blues OrganTrio EM ***new***

052 Elect Broiling EM

054 Rock Rock 1 fgr left EM ***new***

062 Rock Strong guitars EM ***new***

063 Rock Austin City Blues EM

064 Rock Heavy Ballad 8s EM ***new***

073 Elect Cool Box EM

070 Rock:Classic Shfl Rock EM

076 Jazz Acid Club EM ***new***

077 Rock Haze o’ Phase EM ***review***

100 R&B Quartet hip EM ***new***

102 Rock Friday Night EM ***in progress***

105 R&B Cooly EM ***new***

116 R&B Feel this one! EM ***new***

122 Rock Dream Shuffle EM ***new***

126 Rock Rock of love EM ***new***


002 R&B:Hip Hop Girl EM ***review***

004 Rock:Brit Piano Pop EM ***review***

010 Rock Blues Spell EM ***EQ review***

012 Rock Piano+Analog Kit EM

020 Rock:21st CenturyBruce_EM

027 R&B Analog hope EM ***new***

028 R&B:Love Songs EM

036 Rock:Acoustic PianoMan EM ***review***

042 Jazz:Organ Jam EM

043 Rock:Wild Heart EM ***new***

047 Jazz:Groovin’Organ EM

048 Elect Electromode EM ***new***

052 Rock LayMeDownToSleep EM ***review***

059 Rock:Continental EM ***review***

062 Rock I remember EM ***new***

070 Rock:Endless Summer EM

073 Rock:Patriot EM

076 Rock:Wurli Ballad EM

081 Rock Almost teenagy EM ***new***

085 Jazz Flinkingsten EM ***new***

093 R&B Tabu hip hop EM ***new***

095 Rock Still got the blues EM ***new***

099 R&B Frantic Rap EM ***new***

100 Rock:Unplugged EM ***review***

108 Rock:Fretless Ballad EM

113 Elect Love me, baby EM ***new***

119 Rock:Psychedelic Dream EM ***review***

111 Elect Trancelitic EM ***new***

122 Jazz: Late Walk EM

125 Rock Pop Vintage EM ***new***


007 Rock:WhenThePiggiesFly EM **EQ review***

020 Elect Rio de Janeiro EM

032 Rock:Nashville Ballad EM

033 Rock:Contemporary Rock EM

037 Rock:Slow & Easy EM

047 Rock:3Chords&TheTruth EM **EQ review***

048 Rock:Won’t be a minute EM

050 R&B Brother EM ***new***

055 Rock Closing Time EM

077 R&B Black _white MJ _EM ***new***

079 Elect:Heavy 8s EM ***review***

088 World Bombastico to E3 EM ***review***

090 R&B Gospel Brothers EM ***new***

108 Rock Banjo Country EM ***new***

111 Rock:Northern Pop EM ***review***

112 Elect Finally here EM ***new***

119 Rock Slow Blues EM ***new***

120 World Rodovia EM ***review***

122 R&B Sumo-Funk EM ***new***

124 Rock:EP Ballad EM

126 Jazz Just the Facts EM ***new***


001 Elect:Chilltronika EM

057 R&B:Dongo EM


This time I payed a particular attention to the EQ, by adding some loudness to the drums/bass parts. The 2 remaining instruments have been EQ-ed too, to fit the performance general sound. Some new performances have been created either.

Don’t hesitate to play with the Pitch/Mod wheel/AF1&AF2/Ribbon to get some nice variations/automations. Also, I rearanged many performances arpeggios from simple (Arp1&Arp2) to complex (the chorus is usually set to Arp3). Arp4 & 5 are usually left for the fill ins, which also goes from simple to complex.

Last but not least, if you have custom performances, send it to me and I will include it in the next file config version. And yes, remember to visit us again for the latest (better) version!

Emanuel Suceu


This file represents hunderts of work hours, spreaded through more than three years. I’m giving it to you for no charge so feel free to modify/distribute this Motif config file for no cost, by leaving the name “www.1001oameni.ro” and it’s version. This way, others will benefit of this work and will enjoy the future releases.


Download XOA file


If you’ll find this work useful, don’t forget to come back to say “THANK YOU!”


    1. Post author

      Playing the keyboard was my dream since… forever. There was a (hard) time when I didn’t had a keyboard. But later, when the dream came true, I promised I will try to help people fulfill their musical aspirations. Merry Christmas!

  1. Mathieu

    you help make my motif xs the keyboard of my dream!!! infiny thanks from Montréal/Canada! will never forget you!!

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